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Would the famous liveries of F1’s past look as amazing if used on the chassis of today?  These mockups by Escape Artist certainly make a strong case for them being truly timeless.

See the rest here.


Another new font from Lost Type Co-op - Klinic Slab.  Comes with 4 weights and italics!


http://www.jeffreybucholtz.com/Animal-Kingdom - Jeffery Bucholtz - Animal Kingdom playing cards

These are being sold here with a portion of the proceeds going to World Wildlife Fund.

In a clever touch, a different region/ecosystem represents each of the four suits of cards.  Going to order a set of these and see if I can figure out a good framing arrangement.

Hat tip to DKNG Studios for linking these orignally.


The always-wonderful Lost Type Co-op has posted two new pay-what-you-want fonts on their site: Fairview and Cylburn.

Both fonts have upper and lower case character sets, with Fairview also including small caps.  Definitely worth checking these out in addition to many of the other hosted fonts.



National Geographic launched a companion site for their new series “The 80s: The Decade that Made Us.”  The look fits nicely with the other images/materials they’ve been using to promote it and if you’re willing to dig, there is a lot of information and topics floating around in the draggable interface and 80s wireframe shapes.  It’s nice to see how much effort they put into a companion piece for their series.


Vox Product posted an article detailing their creative process on the upcoming SB Nation United rebranding project.  I had seen some mentions of the project on a couple SBN blogs I read and it was great to learn about the various steps and proposed solutions the team worked through.

It’s really impressive how many new logos the designer, Fraser Davidson, was able to produce in such a short amount of time — 330+ in 6 weeks!


The full set of logos is available for browsing on SB Nation’s site (http://www.sbnation.com/united), organized by leagues and division.  Really fun to check out and see the little details for how each blog was represented.


From the 2012 MLS All-Star Game, a couple of fast panoramas done in Photomerge.  Wish I’d brought my DSLR, but I wasn’t sure whether the stadium security would let it through.  Still turned out relatively well.  Also, PPL Park — super nice!

Big sizes here:


I have a few of these bottle jerseys, was interesting to see Nike flash through how they’re made.  I’m hoping Discovery Channel will visit the factories and film an episode, I want to see an extended look!

These jerseys are one of the more thoughtful examples I’ve seen of how recycled materials can be made into something appealing and useful.  Perhaps it helps to have Nike’s marketing to hype the process and bright colors dyed into them?  (I suppose a well-manufactured luxury item is a good way to show what can be done with the material.)


Comics Alliance wrote up a quick overview on DC Comics’ new logo.  It was interesting to see that an interactive element (or digital presence) was also considered while developing the new look.  I’m not 100% sure how well this will hold on qualities of being timeless or a single-color treatment, but the series-specific variations they presented are pretty clever.


They have also posted a design critique here:



(Didn’t realize these had been announced for a while — had only seen the Ivory Coast kit by itself.)

Very impressed with the lineup of kits Puma debuted for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations — some of the most creative designs I have seen in a while.  It’s nice to see the return of watermarks or background designs, thankfully without dominating the design.  Also sharp is the shoulder striping in the nation’s colors.

Even better than the look is the story behind the uniforms.  It turns out the art had been designed by local artists in each country - http://www.puma.com/football/news/the-story-behind-the-new-african-football-kits   The result here is a fresh mix of traditional regional styles paired with a very modern technical kit design below.  I’m hopeful that the company is willing to try something like this again in the future.